Wednesday 26th January 2022

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TitleCert.Top 5UserRelease Date Reviewer
Righteous Kill1540.0%0.0%25 Sep 2008Paul Fonz
Tropic Thunder1590.0%85.0%19 Sep 2008Paul Fonz
Pineapple Express1570.0%80.0%12 Sep 2008Paul Fonz
The Strangers1550.0%0.0%29 Aug 2008James Smith
Hellboy II The Golden Army12A80.0%80.0%20 Aug 2008Dave Witt
Elite Squad1870.0%0.0%08 Aug 2008James Smith
The Dark Knight12A80.0%44.3%24 Jul 2008Paul Fonz
WALL·EU100.0%55.0%18 Jul 2008Dave Witt
Kung Fu PandaPG70.0%0.0%04 Jul 2008Paul Fonz
Hancock12A70.0%0.0%02 Jul 2008Paul Fonz
Wanted1870.0%100.0%25 Jun 2008Paul Fonz
The Incredible Hulk12A70.0%90.0%13 Jun 2008Paul Fonz
Gone Baby Gone1590.0%0.0%06 Jun 2008Paul Fonz
Sex and the City1570.0%50.0%28 May 2008Paul Fonz
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull12A70.0%55.0%22 May 2008Dave Witt
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