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2005: A Look Ahead...
Date: 19th December 2004
Reviewed by: Paul Fonz

As I sit here, stuffed full or mince pies and Christmas cheer, I could look back and remember some of the wonderful films released in 2004, like Lost In Translation, The Incredibles and Spider-Man 2, but instead I prefer to look forward to the plethora of exciting prospects due to be released in 2005.


Kicking off the new year, January sees the UK release of Oliver Stone's controversial biopic Alexander, as well as Daredevil spin-off Elektra, starring Jennifer Garner. Probably better than either of those, though, is the uproariously funny and incredibly rude Team America: World Police, a mixture of adult humour and political satire from the makers of South Park and BASEketball.

We can also look forward to seeing Jamie Foxx (who is finally getting plenty of work) in Ray, the story of Motown legend Ray Charles that is already generating plenty of Oscar buzz.


The sequel to the relentlessly cool Ocean's Eleven should be out in February, with Catherine Zeta Jones making up the numbers for director Steven Soderbergh. On a smaller scale, Wes Anderson's next film, The Life Aquatic, starring Bill Murray and Owen Wilson should be worth a look, and if you're the right age, why not check out The Magic Roundabout, a feature length version of the 1970's children's TV programme featuring the voice of Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue?

Springtime sees the release of Sahara, the second attempt at translating Clive Cussler's successful Dirk Pitt stories to the big screen. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the material, Pitt is a lot like James Bond, except he works for a maritime agency instead of MI6 and anyone who's seen Raise The Titanic! will probably agree that Matthew McConaughey is bound to be better than the bearded Pitt featured in the 1980 effort.


Looking ahead to the warmer weather, there are plenty of Summer blockbusters on offer, including Star Wars: Episode III, Batman Begins, War of The Worlds, Fantastic Four and The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, starring The Office's Martin Freeman as the dressing-gown clad, towel carrying Arthur Dent.

Star Wars: Episode III

And as if that's not enough for you, the end of the year will bring the next Harry Potter film, Peter Jackson's King Kong (his first outing since The Lord Of The Rings trilogy) and Pixar's next film, Cars, which is about cars unsurprisingly.

King Kong

Still not excited? Well how about a Christmas release of the first in The Chronicles Of Narnia sequence, a live action picture directed by the man behind the Shrek films? Well, if that's not enough for you, then you've clearly forgotten why films are so much fun, so forget about next year's releases altogether and just seek out a cinema that's showing House of Flying Daggers right now for a quick reminder – it's a brilliant film and if you walk there you can burn off some of that turkey!


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