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Two for the Money (15)
Directed by: D. J. Caruso
Reviewed by: Paul Fonz

Brandon Lang (Matthew McConaughey) is a quarterback punk, or something similar that means he's good at American Football. At least he is until he breaks his leg during some sort of heroic play to win an important game. The resulting knee-knack rules him out of professional sports for a long time, so Lang is forced to take some time out recuperating, training and trying out for other teams.

"I thought you knew how to play?"<br />"I thought you did!"
"I thought you knew how to play?"
"I thought you did!"

In the meantime, he takes a job at a call centre to make ends meet. It's not until he takes over the sports betting line that his real talent emerges though – his uncanny ability to analyse football and pick who will win each game. Soon he is picking winners with a 70-80% success rate, which not only makes his punters happy, it gets him noticed by a large betting tips company in New York.

The company is run by a mysteriously friendly chap called Walter Abrams (Al Pacino), who takes Lang on as his protégé. However, Walter's occasional outbursts of uncontrollable anger definitely mark him out as the sort of boss to be wary of. We've all seen enough films where a smashing company run by some dodgy characters recruits the protagonist, and it rarely ends well (The Devil's Advocate, The Firm, Boiler Room).

Nevertheless, Lang excels at the new firm, earning enough money to set him up for life and the company does very well out of him too. But does it end there? Of course not. Sports are by their very nature unpredictable and when Lang's uncanny ability to pick winners deserts him, Walter starts to become quite unstable. Which is what happens when you bet the future of your company as well as your clients' money on your star employee.

Al Pacino gives a typically awesome performance in this film and really brings the character of Walter to life. McConaughey is sufficient as the cheesy all-American jock, but ultimately this film lacks sub-plots, intrigue and most importantly, a climax or satisfactory resolution. So if you're after a couple of hours of mindless, post-Eighties yuppie chic, then you could try this film, but you'd be better off watching, I don't know, The Devil's Advocate, The Firm or Boiler Room...

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Length: 122 minutes
Certificate: 15
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Release Date: 10th March 2006

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