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Confetti (15)
Directed by: Debbie Isitt
Reviewed by: Paul Fonz

Being the consummate professional that I am, you wouldn't catch me out on a school night, boozing, winning pub quizzes or throwing up. And you wouldn't find me writing a film review the next day with a grimace of pain on my face caused by the mother of all hangovers either. Which is good. What is not good, is the latest British comedy to hit cinemas, Confetti.

As Morecambe and Wise proved, there's nothing funnier than two men in a bed
As Morecambe and Wise proved, there's nothing funnier than two men in a bed

Starring some of the best actors and actresses from British sit coms like Spaced, Green Wing and The Office, Confetti boasts some serious comedy pedigree. However, as we all know it's the script that's the real star of a comedy film, and in this case there wasn't one. Instead, the actors were given free license to improvise their way through the film.

The story follows Confetti Magazine's competition to find the most original wedding of the year, prompting all kinds of odd couples to enter with their crazy ideas. The three finalists will get their unusual wedding paid for by the magazine and the winner will get a new house.

The style is done like a fly on the wall documentary and very effectively captures the stress, emotion and arguments that are inevitably caused by planning a wedding. It's a real credit to the cast that they manage to pull off these scenarios in such a realistic fashion, but with only the improvisation to go by, each sketch lacks a punchline. The result is that it feels a little bit too real and uncomfortable and is sorely lacking in laughter.

There are a few good bits in the film and some individual flashes of genius, but overall it is simply not funny enough, which is very disappointing as the cast and premise provide so much potential. With plenty of other releases around at the moment, I'm sure your cinema dollars would be better spent on Mission: Impossible III or The Da Vinci Code.

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Length: 100 minutes
Certificate: 15
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Release Date: 5th May 2006

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