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Directed by: Barry Sonnenfeld
Reviewed by: Paul Fonz
Almost sixteen, pint-sized pop pixie JoJo tries her hand at acting
Almost sixteen, pint-sized pop pixie JoJo tries her hand at acting

Robin Williams is possibly the hardest working man in Hollywood at the moment. In 2006, no fewer than seven films with him in are scheduled to be released and RV is just one of them. But whilst it is one that did some good business across the pond, I think it might be considered more Bobbins Williams on this side of the Atlantic.

Williams plays a middle aged father of two who struggles to hold down the ever increasing demands of his job and as a result, feels that he doesn't have enough time to spend with his family. The solution though, is just a few days away, because the whole family is taking a well-earned break in Hawaii.

Unfortunately, Williams' despicable boss (Will Arnett) has other ideas and make Williams cancel his holiday so that he can travel to Boulder, Colorado and give an important presentation.

Desperate to keep his job and please his family, Williams decides to hire a Recreational Vehicle (a massive camper can) and drive his family to Boulder, having all kinds of road-trippin' fun along the way.

What ensues is a schmaltzy, saccharine, family comedy in which everything on the trip goes wrong. But whilst the family start off hating the trip, by the end of the film they are all happy campers. Sound like an original story to you? Because it doesn't to me. In fact, it is, apparently, a remake of a 1954 film called The Long, Long Trailer, which was basically a feature length episode of I Love Lucy. While the famous American TV series is mentioned briefly in RV, I think it's safe to call that Before My Time.

Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, who is best known for the Men In Black films, RV is a simple family comedy that is not very funny or original, but isn't entirely without charm either. As far as Robin Williams goes, this definitely slides into the "forgettable" section of his filmography.

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Length: 98 minutes
Certificate: PG
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Release Date: 9th June 2006

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