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Eragon (PG)
Directed by: Stefen Fangmeier
Reviewed by: Paul Fonz

Here's a lesson for all you kids and budding alcoholics out there: steer clear of champagne. Or maybe I've just been to one Christmas party too many. In any event, this film review is coming to you via the miracle of Fonz's Patented Hangover Cure (two parts Alka Seltzer, one part lager).

It's like Kes but bigger
It's like Kes but bigger

Eragon is based on one of the books by young novelist Christopher Paolini, and follows the titular hero as he stumbles across a strange stone that eventually hatches into a dragon. Eragon's parents are long dead, and he lives with his kindly Uncle. One day he meets a strange old man (Jeremy Irons) who tells him that in the past the land was governed by a group of dragon riders, but the king wiped them all out. But there is a prophecy that states that one day a boy will turn up with a dragon and dragon riders will rule again. At which point Eragon thinks "that's a coincidence, I just so happen to have a dragon back here".

So his uncle gets killed and the dragon, the boy and the man set out on a Tolkienesque journey to fulfil the prophecy. If it all sounds a bit like Star Wars to you, that's because it is. And if it looks and sounds a bit like the Lord of the Rings, that's because it is. And if it sounds a bit cheesy and predictable, you guessed it, that's because it is. And if it sounds like a brilliant film, it is not and you need to get your ears checked.

The special effects are very good, however, and the climactic battle at the end is gripping and well done. Edward Speleers is very well cast as the eponymous hero and overall the film is fun and enjoyable. It certainly doesn't pay to take it too seriously, and you will need a tolerance of cheesy and immature dialogue to get through it, as well as the ability to ignore John Malkovich's painfully dull attempt at a threatening voice. The fact that it is essentially Star Wars and Lord of the Rings merged into one is also a bit hard to swallow, but then all stories essentially boil down to the same few plot threads in the end, don't they? And if you're borrowing from a good source, it's not necessarily a bad thing, so I'm willing to use a little bit of Christmas forgiveness on this one.

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Length: 104 minutes
Certificate: PG
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Release Date: 15th December 2006

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