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Music and Lyrics (PG)
Directed by: Marc Lawrence
Reviewed by: Paul Fonz

Marc Lawrence, the man behind Two Weeks Notice and Miss Congeniality, has a new film out, and would you believe it, it's a romantic comedy. It stars Hugh Grant once again, this time as Alex Fletcher, an 80's pop has been who is basically Andrew Ridgely (who?) from Wham!. Fletcher's band, however, is called Pop!, and since they split up he has had a failed solo album and resorted to performing for his dwindling middle-aged fan-base at some less than prestigious venues.

Hugh does the legendary "Pop!" dance move, at serious risk to his hips
Hugh does the legendary "Pop!" dance move, at serious risk to his hips

He gets his big chance at a career revival, though, when the pop industry's hottest star, Cora, asks him to write a duet for them to perform on her new tour and release as her next single. The trouble is, while Alex can write music, he struggles with the lyrics and the song has to be ready in less than a week.

Enter Drew Barrymore as the ditzy and only vaguely irritating lady who waters his plants. And would you believe it, she is a literature student who has a knack for writing great lyrics.

What follows is all fairly predictable rom-com fare, but that doesn't necessarily mean this film should be dismissed out of hand. Well, ok, it probably does, but there are some good things to take away from this one. Grant and Barrymore are seasoned pros when it comes to romantic comedies, so there is no doubt they can pull off the comic timing and goose bump moments. However, they fail to create the chemistry they have had in previous films opposite the likes of Sandra Bullock and Adam Sandler.

The songs that are written in the film are catchy and work splendidly as the MacGuffin. They are played enough times to endear them to the audience without it seeming too contrived, and the final rendition of Cora's new single ticks all the boxes as the slushy climax to a film like this. However, it is a straight up rom-com like many others before it, and its release so close to Valentine's Day can only hint at this film's intended audience: girls and they browbeaten boyfriends.

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Length: 104 minutes
Certificate: PG
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Release Date: 9th February 2007

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