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Factory Girl (15)
Directed by: George Hickenlooper
Reviewed by: Paul Fonz
There goes Edie, effortlessly reinventing modern fashion
There goes Edie, effortlessly reinventing modern fashion

Sienna Miller takes a moment to step out of the tabloids and prove that she's more than just a pretty face in Factory Girl, playing the archetypal It girl and 1960's icon Edie Sedgwick. This is the story of Andy Warhol's art studio, The Factory, and specifically of one of his most famous muses.

The film opens with Edie leaving her home town and making her way to New York to pursue a life of fame and stardom. Her family is "old money" so she doesn't need to worry about income or entering the upper echelons of New York's social scene, and it is not long before she is introduced to Andy Warhol, who is already famous for his paintings.

Warhol is struck with her beauty instantly and promises to make Edie the star she wants to be by putting her in his latest film. Stardom beckons and for a while things are going pretty well for Ms Sedgwick. However, I think we all know how the story turns out. Plenty of films have tackled similar stories: a young, impressionable girl gets swept up in a fast-paced lifestyle, gets all mashed up on drugs and eventually loses everything.

It's the same thing we've seen in films like The Karen Carpenter Story or Gia, but most of these films fail to make much money or much of an impression, and that's where Factory Girl is different. The story might not be wonderful, but the performances from Sienna Miller and Guy Pearce are extraordinary. Edie is famous for being such an engaging character that people simply couldn't take their eyes off her, and it's precisely this quality that Miller brings to the screen, and the emotions she evokes draws the audience in and captivates them.

Not to be outdone, Guy Pearce yet again demonstrates what a good actor he is with a great turn as Andy Warhol. So if it sounds like a story you'd like to know more about, I highly recommend this one.

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Length: 90 minutes
Certificate: 15
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Release Date: 16th March 2007

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