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Kill Bill: Vol. Two (18)
Directed by: Quentin Tarantino
Reviewed by: Paul Fonz

When Quentin Tarantino finished filming his fourth movie, the studio bosses told him that he had to edit it down, because it was too long. Refusing to do so, he instead split the film into two instalments, effectively charging people twice as much to see Kill Bill. For those who have seen and enjoyed the first volume, there will be no doubt that it was worth every penny, but does the second half merit twice the payout?

Uma Thurman is a woman scorned
Uma Thurman is a woman scorned

Vol. 2 continues the story of The Bride, an ex-assassin with revenge on her mind, as she attempts to hunt down the remaining three members of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. One could be forgiven for thinking that Kill Bill was always meant to be divided into two parts, for the second volume is very different from the first and, as a whole, has a much slower pace in contrast with the non-stop breathless action of the first.

The action scenes are fewer and further apart in this volume, and don’t last nearly as long. Instead, this film's trademark is brilliantly crafted and highly entertaining dialogue that occasionally seems a bit too lengthy. Of course, Tarantino is more than aware of the length of his dialogue and cleverly surprises the viewer with abrupt action scenes when least expected.

If anything, this film is even more of a pastiche of 1970's kung-fu movies than the previous volume, with certain chapters directed and scored so authentically it's hard not to laugh out loud at how well QT has captured the genre.

If you liked the first film, if you're a fan of the original martial arts films or if you liked Quentin Tarantino's other works, you simply have to see this film. However, if you're put off by violence, adult themes or swearing, then perhaps you should give this one a miss, as it more than earns its 18 certificate.

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Length: 136 minutes
Certificate: 18
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Release Date: 23rd April 2004

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