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Rush Hour 3 (12A)
Directed by: Brett Ratner
Reviewed by: Paul Fonz

I'm a big fan of the Rush Hour films. Jackie Chan is always entertaining to watch and the irritating Chris Tucker seems to work so well in his role as the dumb and cowardly James Carter. They're not the greatest cinematic achievements by any means, but they are funny and enjoyable action flicks. So if Rush Hour 3 can continue that trend, I'll be a happy man.

Unusually for a Rush Hour film, this one actually features some heavy traffic
Unusually for a Rush Hour film, this one actually features some heavy traffic

In many ways, the third film in this series is a truer sequel than the second, in that it starts off in LA again, during rush hour and the Chinese Ambassador and his daughter are back on the scene. Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) is in charge of security arrangements for the Ambassador's speech to the World Criminal Court, but he's not too good at it, because the world's worst assassin manages to shoot the Ambassador, and then get away without any planned escape strategy. What ensues is a fairly silly chase to track down some Triads in Paris, with plenty of humour and action along the way.

The storyline is pretty lame and ultimately unimportant, but then the storyline in a film like this is only there as a mechanism to allow the inclusion of chase sequences, kung-fu fights and hot women. The love/hate relationship between Lee and Carter still works well, and while this film regularly loses touch with reality, it does at least do so with a decent sense of humour.

I suppose there's plenty to take issue with in this film: the events of the second film are largely ignored as if it had never taken place. It seems there's only one taxi driver in Paris and he is a mentalist. There's plenty of politically incorrect racist content, which even I found to be a bit on the wrong side of good taste for a family film. And it is set three years after the first film, but the Ambassador's daughter seems to have aged at least five years.

Despite all the little gripes though, Rush Hour 3 is essentially more of the same, and that's a good thing. It's the worst of the three films, but it's still damn good fun. So if you liked the other two, I can recommend this one.

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Length: 90 minutes
Certificate: 12A
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Release Date: 10th August 2007

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