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Ratatouille (U)
Directed by: Brad Bird
Reviewed by: Paul Fonz

When you think of Pixar, you think of quality animation. When you think of Brad Bird, you think of The Incredibles, or The Iron Giant, or maybe simply "who?" Well, when I think of the prospect of Brad Bird reuniting with Pixar to make Ratatouille, I get unnecessarily excited. Is there any way this film could turn out to be anything less than fantastic? Unfortunately, there is.

Like a fake breast, it looks great, but is not as much fun as it should be
Like a fake breast, it looks great, but is not as much fun as it should be

Remy is a rat unlike all others. His keen sense of smell and taste leads him to shun the garbage-eating ways of his brethren and instead experiment with cooking some delectable treats using whatever means are available to him. He's a bright chap too, who can understand humans and even read books. His favourite book is "Anyone can cook" by Gusteau, the world famous French chef, but when the rats are chased out of their home in the country, Remy ends up using the book as a life raft as he escapes through the sewers.

Separated from his family, Remy starts to find a new life for himself in Paris. With the news of the death of his idol Gusteau, Remy finds the famous chef's restaurant and discovers that Gusteau's tyrannical sous-chef has taken over the kitchen. The plot thickens when Linguini, Gusteau's son, arrives at the kitchen. He doesn't share his father's talent for cooking, but with Remy's help, the pair of them attempt to return Gusteau's restaurant to its former glory.

While the plot is harmless enough, it's not exactly ground-breaking, inspiring stuff. Being a Pixar film, the quality of the animation is absolutely outstanding – the sets are beautiful and so much detail has gone into every aspect of the computer graphics. However, as good as it looks, it's lacking the fantastic sense of style that permeated The Incredibles.

The voice-acting is of the high standard you would expect too, but the real catch is, that it's just not that fun. The humour is sparser than I would like and never reaches anywhere near laugh-out-loud funny. The plot doesn't take any unpredictable twists or turns, and while the film as a whole is an acceptable way to spend a couple of hours, I really can't say that it's very entertaining. I think I can stretch to "mildly entertaining", but that's it. After the disappointment of Cars, we can only hope that Pixar return to form with their next film, Wall-E.

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Length: 110 minutes
Certificate: U
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Release Date: 12th October 2007

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