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Jumper (12A)
Directed by: Doug Liman
Reviewed by: Paul Fonz

It probably won't surprise you to find out that this is not the tale of a particularly well-worn pullover, but is instead the story of an unpopular teenager David Rice (Hayden Christensen of Star Wars fame) who realises he has the ability to teleport. As the years go by and he learns to control his power, he begins to take advantage of it – by travelling the world, robbing banks and refusing to open doors.

Billy Elliot shows his nasty side. And his bum-fluff
Billy Elliot shows his nasty side. And his bum-fluff

However, just as things are looking rosy, some sort of unexplained bad dude in the shape of Samuel L. Jackson comes looking for Rice, and basically decides to kill him on the grounds that, well, people shouldn't be able to teleport around.

Rachel Bilson (The O.C.) plays the romantic interest in the film, generally being a bit confused about why Rice keeps acting so strangely, and why people keep trying to kill him. Billy Elliot (Billy Elliot from Billy Elliot) is also in it as a fellow "jumper". However, it would be unfair to say that the acting in this film is anything to shout about.

The plot, likewise, is fairly uninspired, but rather flits along from one action sequence to the next without ever really challenging the audience or doing anything unexpected. The action sequences, however, are the best part of this film. They're fast, fun and, above all, cool. Because let's face it, teleporting around is very cool, especially in the capable hands of director Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Mr & Mrs Smith).

Liman has also been careful to set up a lot of story threads in this film that aren't fully dealt with. In fact, it reminds a great deal of the same stunt he pulled with The Bourne Identity, in which plot seeds were sewn that are only resolved at the end of the trilogy. Could it be that Liman has Jumper in mind as another trilogy? Certainly I wouldn't rule out a sequel. Let's hope when it arrives that it has a more sophisticated story and even better set pieces than this one.

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Length: 88 minutes
Certificate: 12A
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Release Date: 14th February 2008

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