Tuesday 18th January 2022

Sex and the City (15)
Directed by: Michael Patrick king
Reviewed by: Paul Fonz

There are times in life when a man needs to make a great sacrifice for others. It may be Captain Oates saving his team by wandering out into a blizzard, or Abraham giving the life of his son to God. This week I made an equally, if not more worthy sacrifice: I went to see the ultimate chick-flick, Sex and the City.

The girls show off their attitude to relationships
The girls show off their attitude to relationships

And unbelievably, it wasn't too bad. I'd stop short of saying I enjoyed it, especially as it is about half an hour too long, but I can easily see why it will be a big hit with girls. It's fairly entertaining at all times and is occasionally very funny indeed. It's packed full of fabulous outfits, shoes and fashion in general, and while the plot is generally uninspiring, the quality of the established actors and characters generates plenty of emotional moments too.

The events take place five years after the end of the popular TV series, and vaguely revolve around Carrie and Big's decision to get married. The events in the film are largely predictable and consist of the characters doing unpleasant things to each other or getting easily offended, and then apologising to each other. So, basically behaving like typical, irrational women. You'll be pleased to know that, just like the story arcs in the TV series, everything is back to a state of normality by the end of the film.

It's hard to know what else to say about this film. Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls) deserves a special mention for her underplayed but charming turn as Carrie's assistant, but essentially it's like a long episode of the TV series (although people tell me it's not as good as the episodes at the end of the show's run). It's a film that most women will enjoy and it definitely rates higher than the Bridget Jones films, for example. I think most men will rightly want to avoid this one though.

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Length: 148 minutes
Certificate: 15
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Release Date: 28th May 2008

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