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I, Robot (12A)
Directed by: Alex Proyas
Reviewed by: Paul Fonz
"I am so tired of this robot bull-s**t"
"I am so tired of this robot bull-s**t"

Well, the summer blockbusters just keep on coming, don't they? This week Will Smith is back on duty as Detective Spooner, a homicide cop in Chicago. It's the future (2035) and robots have become a way of life. People rely on them to collect garbage from the streets and deliver the post in the mornings, and few people worry that a robot will ever harm them.

U.S. Robotics, the manufacturer of all these machines, has developed three cast iron rules that are imposed on every robot, the primary one meaning a robot is incapable of harming a human, or allowing a human to come to harm if it can be prevented.

Smith's character is deeply suspicious of the robots, however, and when a respected scientist at U.S. Robotics is found dead under suspicious circumstances, Spooner pursues an action-packed and intriguing trail to discover the truth behind the doctor's death.

This film is not based on a book by Isaac Asimov, but rather inspired by the ideas he set out in his series of stories. The story in this film focuses in particular on what Asimov dubbed the "Zeroth Law", which readers of his books will be familiar with. I'm pleased to say the storyline the writers have hammered out of these ideas is clever and intriguing enough to warrant a viewing.

Smith is as charismatic as usual, and the performance given by Alan Tudyk (Ice Age, A Knight's Tale) as Sonny the robot is also well executed, utilising the same technique used to turn Andy Serkis into Gollum in The Lord Of The Rings series.

In fact, the whole film is nicely polished and will remind you visually of films like The Matrix and Bladerunner. While it might not be up to the standards of Ridley Scott's classic, it is great fun to watch with breathlessly exhilarating set pieces and perhaps a little more intelligence than your average action film.

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Length: 115 minutes
Certificate: 12A
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Release Date: 6th August 2004

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