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The Bourne Supremacy (12A)
Directed by: Paul Greengrass
Reviewed by: Paul Fonz

There has been much discussion in the past few months over the future of Matt Damon's career, but with the sequels to The Bourne Identity and Ocean's Eleven coming out this year, his status as a Hollywood A-lister looks secure for the moment – providing these two films don't tank at the box-office.

Bourne takes some time out to do some painting and decorating
Bourne takes some time out to do some painting and decorating

Luckily for Mr Damon, this movie is pretty good. It continues very much in the same style as the first film, but if anything this is darker and grittier than before, with Jason Bourne showing his willingness to kill anyone who stands in his way.

The plot of the film involves Bourne being framed for a crime he did not commit (A-Team style) and seeking revenge on the CIA for trying to assassinate him. He tries to uncover more about the mysterious Treadstone project, which trained him to be a killer and led to his memory loss, although one look at CIA chief Brian Cox (Stryker from the X-Men) would tell any normal person who the bad guy with all the answers is.

What really makes this film worth watching, however, are the tense and exciting action scenes and the cool, but realistic gadgets. The makers of the Bond films should sit up and take notice of this film, because it shows that simple ideas, when executed well, can be much more effective than product placement and invisible cars.

The only problem with this film is its ending – it's a bit rushed and poorly explained, but most people won't really care after all the fun of the action scenes. The Bourne Supremacy is definitely worth watching for a quick adrenalin fix.

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Length: 108 minutes
Certificate: 12A
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Release Date: 13th August 2004

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