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Mean Girls (12A)
Directed by: Mark S. Waters
Reviewed by: Paul Fonz
Mean Girls with shades of Pretty In Pink
Mean Girls with shades of Pretty In Pink

From the team that brought you the very successful Freaky Friday remake comes another teenage comedy. Lindsay Lohan takes the starring role again, this time as Cady Heron, a girl who was brought up and schooled by her academic parents in Africa. However, when she reaches the age of 15, her family returns to America and Cady has to brave High School for the first time.

At first, she doesn't fit in very well at all, but she does have the advantage of being one of the best looking girls in the school and one of the best at mathematics. Before long, she finds she has become friends with various groups of people, ranging from The Plastics (three popular, attractive and feared girls) to the Mathletes (a geeky team of maths enthusiasts).

Things come to a head though, when Cady falls in love with the ex-boyfriend of Regina George, the sadistic ringleader of The Plastics. For the first time Cady is subjected to the cruelty of Regina and vows to take revenge, by keeping her friends close and her enemies closer.

The relentless and crass promotion of this film probably means it hasn't escaped your notice so far, and you've probably heard it being compared to surprise cult hits like Clueless and Heathers. To be honest, these comparisons are very obvious and it certainly seems that this film owes much to these defining movies of the genre.

It's fair to say that Mean Girls has some good jokes in it, it's very entertaining and while it's definitely aimed at teenage girls, there are enough decent jokes and eye candy to keep boys interested too. However, for me it fails to achieve the kind of dark undertones that made Clueless and, in particular, Heathers such cult classics.

It's hard to deliver a verdict on a film like this – it's not a great work of art, but if it sounds like your cup of tea, then you should definitely go and see it, because it delivers precisely what the makers have set out to achieve.

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Length: 97 minutes
Certificate: 12A
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Release Date: 18th June 2004

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