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Wedding Crashers (15)
Directed by: David Dobkin
Reviewed by: Paul Fonz
Owen and Vince blend in by sticking out
Owen and Vince blend in by sticking out

After a seemingly non-stop stream of fairly lame romantic comedies like Monster-In-Law, The Wedding Date and basically anything starring Jennifer Lopez, we finally receive our annual dose of bloke humour. You probably know how it works by now – a first time writer comes up with a genuinely funny script, gets a director on board (preferably one that has already worked with Owen Wilson on Shanghai Knights) and together they cast one or more of the following actors: Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughan and Will Ferrell. And the result is usually pretty funny (Zoolander, Starsky & Hutch, Dodgeball, Anchorman).

Continuing very much in the same vein is Wedding Crashers, specifically starring Owen Wilson (one of my favourite actors) and Vince Vaughan, who is back to his fast-talking, smart-mouthed best that made him so famous in Swingers.

They play John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey, two best friends who spend each summer crashing as many weddings as possible and seducing the bridesmaids and guests with any number of characters and routines that they have devised over the years. This is funny to watch in itself, but the story really takes off when they learn that the renowned politician, Secretary Cleary (Christopher Walken) is throwing a lavish wedding for his daughter. They seize this opportunity to go down in wedding crasher history and things go well until one of them falls for one of Secretary's daughters.

The structure of the film is slightly surprising, in that it opens with a montage of the duo crashing weddings. You might expect the story to focus on them hatching their idea and having a few failed attempts at crashing before they are successful and the montage kicks in. Instead they start out as jaded veterans of the wedding scene and the film transforms into something that superficially resembles Meet the Parents and finally takes a bit of a downbeat turn. The good news is, though, that the formula works and the result is at least as funny as any of the films mentioned in this review and probably funnier.

It's fairly easy to make an average comedy – the sort with a handful of very funny moments, a few titters and a happy ending. But Wedding Crashers really deserves credit for being more than that. There are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, the storyline is engaging, the main characters are eminently watchable and at two hours in length it's no small achievement to keep the jokes coming. As someone who is pretty fussy about their comedy, I'm happy to recommend this one.

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Length: 119 minutes
Certificate: 15
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Release Date: 14th July 2005

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